The Most Claw-Resistant Succulent Ever.


Our Original Cactus Cat Scratcher


What they say about us

Everyone loves our cactus!
The cat loves it, uses it everyday and i havent heard her scratch the furniture once aince we've gotten it. In fact my 3 year old loves it too and frequently plays with it. So 5 stars, cat and kid approved.


Inexpensive, High Quality, and Super Cute!
I love this scratching post!! It is the perfect size for my small 8 pound cat. It took under a minute to assemble.


Awesome product!!
My cat LOVES this scratching post! It’s the perfect size, sturdy, and we’ll constructed! Easy to assemble and really kitschy-cute with my midcentury southwestern decor!


The best cat scratcher!
So beautiful and Cricket LOVES it! Fits with my house perfectly, easy to assemble, nice material, cats use it all the time!


Best Scratcher We’ve Tried!
Love this cactus scratcher!! Our little boy ran right up to it and started scratching immediately. It’s super sturdy and super cute.

Amazon Customer

"Great cactus tree for kittens and cats 🌵"

"My fur babies love it!"

"It’s a keeper. Great scratcher!"

"Ellie loves it"

Modern Decor

Well-proportionate and realistic cactus shape, vivid green, cute flowers. Everything plays a role in making this scratcher a cool piece of furniture, everywhere around your home.

We Have Thought of Everything

Perfect size, not too bulky but not too small for big cats. Wide base with included rubber pads for hardwood floors, and a fun plush play ball. You can rest assured we thought about everything!

Pet Owners, Above All.

It's from our pets and their needs that our ideas come to life.
We love thinking about our customers and their friends, being so glad we can give a little help in transforming their relationship ❤!